Oia Villas

Villa Valente

This cave villa is a model of Oia’s unique architecture, hanging from the cliff of caldera overlooking the volcano and the endless blue of the Aegean sea.

Notus Dome House

Notus Dome is a fantastic small traditional house, with a private balcony on the cliffside and a direct unlimited view of the volcano and the famous Santorini’s caldera.

Ostria Villa

Ostria is the name of the south wind and the villa is named after the orientation of this traditional cave house which is facing south towards the volcano and Santorini’s caldera.

Finikia Villa

Finikia Villa

A sunny and bright luxurious modern villa, with marvelous views and the feel of the wind of the Aegean sea right at your feet. Nested in a quiet part of the island, but still a breath away from the village of Oia.

Mesaria Villa

Feggaropetra Villa

Our “Feggaropetra” (Moonstone) house is a traditional Santorini house in the traditional settlement of Messaria village. Positioned in the center of the island it is the perfect base as you live your adventure on the island.

Pori Villa

Anemos Windmill

A traditional windmill at an elevated position with a marvellous view. Nested in the quiet part of the island, it is ideal for visitors who seek vacations away from the tourist crowds.